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Revenge Porn & Leaked content- A
widespread & damaging problem.

Online harrassment is rife, with no real solution. Offences go unconvicted,
there are no repercussions for offenders and no solutions or support for

The situation in the UK:

  • 1 in 10 people
  • 51% will consider or attempt suicide
  • 94.7% of law enforcement would like additional training and
    tools to deal with these cases & better collect evidence
Source: (Ankel, S., 2020).' Is This You?!'. [online] Business Insider.

The Solution

Backed Tech is a connective service for people experiencing online harassment & revenge porn.
We offer 3 different types of support to provide
holistic care to deal with the trauma this can cause.


Content Removal

This technology is ready to go and can achieve
results as quick as 24-48hours, provided by a
mission-driven partnership with Leakserv.



We aim to both educate victims on what the
process & pricing of prosecuting will be, as well as
a referral system for lawyers who take these cases
and have achieved successful results.



We connect victims to trauma-informed
counsellors, alleviating a trauma response being developed or suicidal thoughts.